Downtown Annapolis Parking

Parking tips for downtown Annapolis

Our free circulator bus that runs throughout downtown Annapolis.

The historic downtown Annapolis area is a beautiful small area that is easily walkable or bikeable from any of our parking garages or parking lots.  The majority of  on street parking is limited to 2 hour parking, this is perfect for those coming in for a short time and need quick access to thier favorite store or restaurant. For those coming to spend longer periods of time the parking garages all allow for all day parking at very reasonable rates.  Most of the downtown parking garages are also served by a free circulator shuttle that runs every 20 minutes throughout downtown Annapolis. There are designated stops and you can also waive to the driver and they will stop and pick you up. See the circulator shuttle's current location and route by clicking here.

Special Parking Deals for the Holidays between Thanksgiving and New Years Eve
3 Hour free parking at all onstreet metered spaces
Saturday November 24 - $5 all day parking at Gotts Court and Knighton Parking Garages when you prepay at
Thursdays December 6, 13 and 20 - $5 all day parking at Gotts Court and Knighton Parking Garages when you prepay at
Below are our favorite parking tips for downtown Annapolis
Free Parking  Garage Options
1) State Parking Garage (19 St. Johns Street) Free weekdays starting at 6pm and free all day Saturday and Sunday
2) Whitmore Parking Garage (25 Clay Street) is free on Sundays until 4pm
3) Hillman, Gotts, Knighton and Park Place Parking Garages are free on Sundays until 1pm.
Free parking for City of Annapolis Residents for 2 hours at Hillman, Gotts, Knighton and Park Place Parking Garages. Visit Annapolis Parking at 60 West Street and Park Place Parking Garage to get your free parking passes.
Earn free parking with Park and Shop. Make a purchase from select retailers and restaurants and they will give you vouchers for free parking in city-owned parking garages including Hillman, Gotts Court and Knighton parking garages. Click here to learn more about particapating locations and details. Businesses can sign up for this program at 60 West Street. 
$2 Parking for all evenings at Whitmore Parking Garage (25 Clay Street) starting at 4pm every day.
$5 evening parking after 8pm at Gott's Court Parking Garage
New Parking lot - The school board parking lot next to Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre is now open to the public in the evenings and weekends.
Parking garages are cheaper the farther you park from City Dock i.e. Park Place, West Garrett, Knighton, Whitmore and Gotts Parking Garages. They all offer a free circulator shuttle that runs along West Street, Calvert Street, State Circle, Duke of Gloucester and Main Street every 20 minutes.
Employee Parking starts at just $2 all day if you park at  Park Place Parking Garage plus get a free shuttle to downtown. Gotts and Knighton Parking Garages offer discounted $2 employee evening parking starting at 3pm. Hillman Parking Garage has discounted evening employee parking for $5 after 3pm. Employers can sign up their employees at 60 West Street.
Free Circulator Bus now stops all every downtown Annapolis Parking Garage and takes you to West Street, Calvert Street, St John College, State House, Duke of Gloucester St, City Dock and Main Street.
Bike Share and bike parking
New Pace Bike Share has arrived. Current locations include the Market House, behind Chick and Ruth's Delly, Whitmore Park, Bannaker-Douglas Museum and the Annapolis Hotel(formerly the Loews Hotel). Download the Pace Bike Share App to see all the bike share locations and to rent a bike today.  If you are riding your own bike into town  click here for all bike rack locations to park your bike. This is a great way to travel into town for those living or staying nearby. Plus you get a little exercise and save the planet at the same time.
Arrive by bus, taxi or other popular ride share programs and you can avoid having to drive or park. 
For more parking information including addresses of all parking garages and parking rates go to