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Annapolis Green

Annapolis Green – For a Healthy, Beautiful and Vibrant Greater Annapolis Community

Annapolis Green - Elvia and Lynne

Annapolis Green is a different kind of environmental organization. It doesn’t focus on a particular river or a particular issue. Instead its mission is to connect, educate, and motivate the community to take steps to protect the environment and beautify our surroundings for a strong and vibrant way of life. 
Founded by Lynne Forsman and Elvia Thompson, the non-profit has been working for 11 years to do just that in person, online, on the air, and in action.
Annapolis Green is widely known for its monthly Green Drinks events that showcase venues that are taking steps to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Each networking event has a theme so that participants “learn one new thing and meet one new person” in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The personal connections that are made at Green Drinks have proven to be invaluable not only for environmentalists but also for the local business community. Many business deals have been made resulting from meetings at Green Drinks. People have been attracted to non-profit organizations new to them, and much information has been exchanged. Event themes have ranged from support for local agriculture to electric vehicles to good Green gardening practices to Green boating to stormwater issues and more. Typical attendance is 100-200 people each time and everyone is invited.
The website is full of information about how to live in an Earth friendly way and has the most comprehensive Green event calendar in the area. The organization’s Facebook group has over 1900 members and its e-mailing list exceeds 3500.
For over 4 years, Annapolis Green has produced and hosted Living Green in Annapolis on WNAV – producing over 175 hour-long weekly programs with topics ranging from sea level rise to bicycling as alternative transportation to legislation. The programs air on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. and are archived at

Annapolis Green works closely with the local business community in a unique way through its Responsible Events and Festivals program also known as the “Green REF… Make the Right Call.” Through REF, Annapolis Green helps the organizers of special events Go Green with best practices such as composting and recycling and a supporting marketing campaign by engaging local businesses as Green sponsors. From sporting events such as races and regattas to foot races and more, Annapolis Green matches companies with events that match their interests and helps them meet their sustainability goals. It’s great exposure for local businesses and demonstrates a business’s good corporate citizenship.

In 2015, Annapolis Green became an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful. Annapolis Green’s work in recycling, beautification and litter reduction is done under the banner of “Keep Annapolis Beautiful.”
Annapolis Green is located at the historic address of 92 Maryland Avenue for an office and Green Community Center. The organization is calling the space, in the shadow of the State House, the “Annapolis Green House,” and envisions it as a community resource where meetings and presentations can be hosted and Green products and services showcased… another way to bring the community together.
These are just some of the ways Annapolis Green supports the community by providing information, spurring action, and simply making connections! For more information see or visit the Annapolis Green House at 92 Maryland Avenue.

Annapolis Green - The "Green House" on Maryland Avenue