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Annapolis Marine Art Gallery

Willard Bond's "First Around"

In the Fall of 1978, The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery was founded at 110 Dock Street at Harbour Square, a building that first housed an A&P Supermarket and, oddly enough, a wax museum, before the appearance of its current collection of retail stores. Selling nautical art was the right business, right place, right time - 38 years later, the gallery dominates its product niche, despite economic downturns, floods, City Dock construction projects, and challenges by the City of Annapolis proposing changes to the environment on historic City Dock. The gallery is one of the longest-running retail businesses in Annapolis. The gallery displays art by over 50 renowned marine artists whose works have earned the gallery a regional, national and international reputation for excellence.
“We’re considered the ‘keeper of the flame’ when it comes to historic Chesapeake art,” says owner Jeffrey Schaub. “Artists who paint scenes of the screw-pile lighthouse era when tough watermen sailed their skipjacks, buyboats, bugeyes and bateaus in the dead of winter - they have a warm home here.” Noted artists like John Barber have become famous not only for their definitive Chesapeake paintings, but for Bay conservation movements they’ve inspired among huge groups of devotees. Marine art is truly universal in its appeal and many forms, from famous square-rigged warships bristling with cannon, to the split- second spinnaker swirl of an Americas Cup yacht as it rounds the mark. The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery is proud to provide graphic punctuation to Annapolis’s distinction as the US Capital of Sailing. Visit their website here.

David Turnbaugh's "Waiting for Stronger Winds