Our Mission

The mission of the Downtown Annapolis Partnership is to strengthen and sustain local businesses, recognizing that a vibrant and healthy business community is essential to the economic success of the city.  Downtown Annapolis Partnership assists local businesses in creating the an economically vital downtown and unique Annapolis experience by delivering exciting programs to draw residents and visitors into our local retail stores, restaurants and art galleries. 

Working together with our stakeholders, members and partner organizations, Downtown Annapolis Partnership strives to achieve the following:

  • To be advocates for downtown businesses for the purpose of a creating united effort toward downtown economic revitalization
  • Enhance the economic strength of Annapolis through the delivery of programs that sustain local businesses, improve the quality of life for residents and encourage new businesses to locate within the city
  • Preserve Annapolis’ historic character and cultural heritage through the effective re-purposing and preservation of historic structures
  • Promote an authentic “Annapolis Experience” that attracts visitors and residents
  • Foster a diverse artistic and cultural experience that sustains and builds the arts community
  • Collaborate with key government agencies and other non-profit organizations to achieve mutual strategic goals
  • Provide recommendations to improve regulations and government policies to drive toward a business-friendly environment