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Downtown Annapolis Partnership

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Downtown Annapolis Transportation


Free Downtown Annapolis Circulator Bus now runs along West Street and takes you to Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis City Hall, City Dock, and Main Street. Please pick it up at designated stops. It makes it easy to park in parking garages along West Street and Calvert 

Steet and quickly get near the waterfront.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday: 6 AM-11 PM
Saturday: 7AM-11PM
Sunday: 8 AM-8 PM


Annapolis Go Ride Share by Via

Rides are just $2 first person and $1 for the second person for this on-demand shuttle that services downtown Annapolis and surrounding areas. The first 2 rides are free with promo code GO4FREE. 

Service hours:
Monday-Friday: 2pm-8pm
Saturday: 12pm-8pm
Sunday: 11am-7pm

Hours extended for Midnight Madness to 1am on Dec 1 and 8 and to midnight on Dec 15

Annapolis Parking

Parking tips for downtown Annapolis


The historic downtown Annapolis area is a beautiful small area that is easily walkable or bikeable from any of our Annapolis parking garages or parking lots.  The majority of on-street parking is limited to 2-hour parking or less and is paid parking (some are meters or require the ParkMobile app), this is perfect for those coming in for a short time and need quick access to their favorite store or restaurant. Enforcement is pretty strict for on-street parking. On-street parking starts at $2 per hour and is $3 per on City Dock and $4 per hour on residential streets. 


For those coming to spend longer periods of time, the parking garages all allow for all-day parking at very reasonable rates.  If it's your first time visiting downtown Annapolis the Gotts Court Parking Garage is right next to the Visitors Center where you can pick up walking maps, and guidebooks, and get other information to make your visit go smoothly. Many of the downtown Annapolis parking garages along West Street are also served by a free circulator shuttle that runs every 10 minutes or less and takes you downtown. There are designated stops where it will stop and pick you up. See the circulator shuttle's current location, stops, and route by clicking here. There are also new transportation options including an electric trolly and an on-demand shuttle to help get you around downtown Annapolis. Click here to learn about the new transportation options in downtown Annapolis. 

The City of Annapolis announces Free Parking for the 2022 Holidays between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. Park for free at metered on-street parking spaces for 3 hours. Please park in a parking garage if you plan to stay longer. The Circulator shuttle will pick you up from Park Place and Knighton parking garages and take you downtown for free.

Free and Discounted Annapolis Parking Garage Options for Everyone Year Around

1) Calvert Street Parking Garage (19 St. Johns Street) Free weekdays starting at 6 pm and free all day Saturday and Sunday

2) Whitmore Parking Garage (25 Clay Street) is free on Sundays until 4 pm or $2 every evening after 4 pm and $6 before 4 pm Monday to Saturday.

3) Gotts Court, Knighton, and Park Place Parking Garages are free on Sundays until 1 pm4) Free on-street parking next to St Johns College on both St Johns Street and King George Street.

Earn free Annapolis parking with Park Shop and Dine. Make a purchase from most of your favorite retailers and restaurants and they will give you a voucher for 2-hour free parking at Gotts Court parking garage.  Most businesses downtown now have these parking passes. (Supplies are limited so ask your favorite business if they participate.

Businesses can sign up for this program at the 60 West Street parking office.

Other Annapolis Parking Specials 

$1 per hour every day at Park Place Parking Garage and it has a free shuttle to downtown.

$2 Parking for every evening at Whitmore Parking Garage (25 Clay Street) starting at 4 pm every day.

$6 All day Saturday parking at Whitmore Parking Garage (25 Clay Street)

Free parking for City of Annapolis Residents for 2 hours at Gotts Court, Knighton, and Park Place Parking Garages. Visit Annapolis Parking's office at 60 West Street and Park Place Parking Garage to get your free parking passes.

Annapolis Parking garages are cheaper the farther you park from City Dock i.e. Park Place, West Garrett, Knighton, and Whitmore Parking Garages. All of these Annapolis Parking Garages are located along Calvert Street or West Street.

Employee Parking is just $3 all day if you park at  Park Place Parking Garage plus get a free shuttle downtown.  Employers can sign up for their employees at the 60 West Street parking office. Hillman Parking Garage has discounted evening employee parking for $5 after 3 pm.

Bike parking

If you are riding your bike into or around town click here for all bike rack locations to park your bike. If you are staying at the Westin Hotel or Graduate Hotel ask for a loaner bike during your visit. This is a great way to travel into town for those living or staying nearby. Plus you get a little exercise and save the planet at the same time.

Handicap parking in downtown Annapolis is available in all parking garages. There are some marked handicapped spaces in the commercial areas downtown. Plus those with a handicap tag or hangtag may park on the streets for double the amount of time posted. 

Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations near Downtown Annapolis are located in Knighton Parking Garage, Gotts Court Parking Garage, 29 St Johns Street, Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, and the Annapolis Public Libraries. To see maps and additional Annapolis EV charging stations in the area click here.

For more parking information including addresses of all parking garages and parking rates go to the two City of Annapolis parking websites and


Arrive by bus, taxi, water taxi, shuttle, or rideshare and you can avoid having to drive or park. 


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